About SGI Quarterly

The SGI Quarterly magazine aims to highlight initiatives and perspectives on peace, education and culture, providing a forum for a diverse range of contributors to share their insights, wisdom and expertise. The magazine aims to reflect a broad international understanding of the issues discussed. Contributors to the feature section of the magazine are not affiliated to the SGI unless otherwise stated. The SGI Quarterly also provides information about Soka Gakkai International's activities around the world, its efforts to promote humanistic, life-affirming values.

The SGI is a worldwide association of 93 constituent organizations with membership in over 190 countries and territories which aims to develop the potential for hope, courage and altruistic action. Rooted in the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism, members of the SGI share a profound commitment to peace, culture and education. Activities conducted in each country vary in accordance with the culture and characteristics of that society, but they all grow from a shared understanding of the inseparable linkages between individual happiness and the peace and development of all humanity.

As a nongovernmental organization (NGO) with formal ties to the United Nations, the SGI is active in the fields of humanitarian relief and public education, with a focus on peace, environmental protection and human rights.

The views expressed in the SGI Quarterly are not necessarily those of SGI.